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Moving Tips – To Hire Pros or Not?

I know a lot of you reading this will have a preference when it comes to moving house in Lethbridge – you’ll either prefer to save the money and do it yourself, or you’re someone who prefers to let professionals do all the heavy lifting and hauling. Most of the time it does come down to cost – yes, it costs a lot to hire a professional moving company but then your money should be paying for a guaranteed level of service and insurance, in case of any mishaps, plus the benefit of a stress-free moving day. Smaller independent companies can be more cost effective, but check first if they have insurance, both for your belongings and for themselves, before hiring.

Moving Tips – Organization is the Key!

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things in life, but really it doesn’t need to be. Once everything’s agreed and it’s time to start packing, remember that organization is the key. Develop a packing plan whereby you first pack all the items you don’t often need. Be sure to clearly label each box and, even better, make a list of exactly what’s inside the box. Do not pack away important papers or personal belongings that you will need around moving day, and keep a box handy for all the last minute items – there are always far more last minute items than you think there will be!

Moving Tips – For a Smooth Move

For a smooth move, be sure to plan ahead. If you’re moving to an urban area is there parking for a truck or will you need to reserve a space? If yes, do this in advance and don’t leave it to chance. If you’re moving yourself, have you asked friends or family to help out? Do you have enough helpers and have you thought about renting a dolly for moving heavier items? Remember to have a supply of pizza and pop for your helpers! And before moving day be sure to get all your utility accounts set up such as phone, hydro and cable so they’re all ready for you when you move in.

De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter

I always recommend that anyone selling their home should first have a major de-clutter before you get to the listing stage. The primary reason for this is that a tidy, clutter-free and clean home is far easier to sell than one that’s filled to the roof with knick-knacks. But there’s also the great feeling you get from donating items you no longer need, or from making a little money on a garage sale. But remember, you don’t have to throw everything out. Buy some packing boxes to pack away items you’re not going to need over the next few months then put them into storage. This way you’ll already have a head start on the packing once you sell.

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