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Is A Home Inspection Really Necessary?

The short answer to this question is “yes, a home inspection is really necessary”. I know it’s an extra expense you’d like to avoid but compared to what you’ll be spending to buy a home in Lethbridge, a home inspection is actually very affordable. Yes there are limitations to what a home inspector can do – a lot of their inspection will rely on what they can see so if there’s a problem behind a wall they won’t necessarily pick it up but they may see signs of an underlying problem, and this is the key. They will see things that you may not, potentially saving you thousands in home repair costs. So a home inspection is really a small price to pay in the long term.

Finding A Home in the Perfect Location

It can be difficult to find the perfect home in the perfect location but if you’re looking for a home in Lethbridge it’s my job as a Realtor to help you find the home that’s best for you. Maybe you like the buzz of downtown, but will you like the noise from the bars and cafes? The same can be said for the highway – it’s nice to have quick access onto the Crowsnest but will the traffic noise disturb you if you’re close by? Is the home near a railway crossing where the trains have to sound their horns, or is it under the airport flight path? These are all things to consider.

Buying the Worst Home on the Best Street

For some homebuyers location is everything, but, in order to get the prime location you may have to sacrifice space or the look of a home. Buying the worst looking home on the best street can be a really great way to get into a desirable neighbourhood. With a little bit of vision you can take an ugly house and transform it into a great home, provided that the bones of the house are all in good shape of course. With my skills and experience as a Lethbridge real estate agent I can help you find the ugly ducklings that other buyers may have overlooked.

The Advantages of Buying in an Up-and-Coming Neighbourhood

Good schools, parks and new leisure and shopping facilities can really boost the appeal of a neighbourhood, forcing prices to climb higher. If you’ve been priced-out from the neighbourhood you wanted to live in, consider looking at adjacent neighbourhoods instead. An up-and-coming neighbourhood will typically be more affordable, allowing you to buy a larger home for your money, and, because it’s up-and-coming, you’ll own a home that’s more likely to increase in value. This is a win-win for buyers because you still get to make use of the shopping and other facilities close by until your own neighbourhood catches up.

The Advantages of Buying a Newly Constructed Home

There’s nothing quite like the small of fresh paint and flooring that you get when you buy a newly constructed home in Lethbridge! Buying new has many advantages but for me the most important factor is that you know exactly what you’re buying. New homes are built to today’s building standards and codes, and you’ll get a comprehensive home warranty when you buy new, just in case anything goes wrong. If you get in early enough you can choose the finishes you like, the bathroom and kitchen fixtures and more. And, buying a new home in a larger development can be exciting as new neighbours move in and the community grows!

The Disadvantages of Buying a Newly Constructed Home

Knowing you’re the first person to live in a home is a great feeling and there are many advantages to buying new construction. But, there are also some disadvantages to consider too. One of the major things to look into is future construction phases – the home you like may be at the end of a street right now, but is that street going to be extended, or is another street going to be built behind your home? It’s also important to consider all the disruption that comes with buying in a new development. Will the constant noise and dust become too much for you and how long will construction continue? These are all questions I can help you with.

Keeping Your Cool in a Seller’s Market

Buying a home in a seller’s market can be tricky and stressful. Fewer homes means that multiple buyers could be interested in buying the same property, forcing sale prices up and forcing you, the buyer, into making rush decisions. When buying a home in Lethbridge always use a licensed real estate agent but this is especially true during a seller’s market. Working with a buyer’s agent can get you access to homes as soon as they’re listed, and if you’re the first person to view a home you’re in a great position to make an offer before anyone else. The important thing is to keep your cool – trust your Realtor’s advice and don’t rush into anything.

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